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Accelerating Technology Commercialization through Government Entrepreneurship
Join us in sunny San Diego to explore this fresh perspective of Accelerating Technology Commercialization through Government Entrepreneurship.

This meeting, hosted by the Federal Laboratory Consortium's Far West and Mid-Continent Regions, is comprised of important T2 training topics, as well as sessions on Bridging the Gap for Commercialization Success.

Included in these sessions are both inside and outside perspectives on T2 issues from experts in our labs, economic development organizations, industry, entrepreneurs, investors and academia.

Look Who's talking at this years meeting:
Our KEYNOTE, Chris Yeh is the co-founder and General Partner of Wasabi Ventures, and has been working with high-tech startups since 1995. Chris describes his mission as "To help interesting people do interesting things." Chris is also a prolific blogger and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, "The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age"

John Cronin of ipCapital Group is hosting a workshop on Tuesday 8/25 on obtaining greater value from your IP portfolios. ipCapital Group's mission is to demonstrate both knowledge and know-how in the strategic use of IP. He plans to provide proven systematic IP Strategy processes with Intellectual Asset Management tools, techniques and frameworks during his day workshop as well as share other tips during the IP Portfolio Strategy and Analysis panel on Wednesday 8/26.

Joyce Yang leads programs that accelerate the commercial impact of the Department of Energy's national laboratories. At this year's regional meeting, she will be describing DOE's new Small Business Voucher Pilot - a 20 million dollar public-private partnership that will connect clean energy innovators across the country with the top-notch scientists, engineers, and world-class facilities at our national laboratories.

Dr. Dan Neal has a great entrepreneurial and commercialization success story as an early pioneer in micro-optics technology at Sandia National Laboratories. In 1996, he left Sandia and co-founded WaveFront Sciences where he built one of the first commercial wavefront sensors and developed the first commercial ophthalmic wavefront aberrometer. WaveFront was acquired by Advanced Medical Optics in 2007, but Dr. Neal continues to develop advanced ophthalmic diagnostics instruments.


Optional Tuesday Workshop:
Negotiation Skills Training
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     $25  (limited to 20 people)
Optional Tuesday Workshop:
Obtaining Greater Value
for IP Portfolios

[see details]

     free  (limited to 25 people)
Full Meeting:
   Advance (through August 14)
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Extra Award Banquet Tickets     $50

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Awards Event

Our annual regional awards event is an important component of the regional meeting, as it is our opportunity to recognize outstanding contributions by member laboratories, representatives, and non-federal partners. Our Awards Dinner and presentations will be held on Wednesday evening, August 26, 2015.

   Business Casual

   San Diego International Airport (SAN)
   Shuttle: Free Shuttle to the Hilton (less than 1 mile)
   Airlines: All major airlines


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